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November 2015 Newsletter

Next Generation Wafer Turret Handler

Next Generation Wafer Turret HandlerIn a continuously evolving semiconductor environment, Cohu is driving the technology frontier.

The innovative design of the NY32W platform provides up to 5 times higher device handling accuracy compared to its predecessor and is now ready for the next generation of ultra-small and thin devices handling challenges.

It integrates innovative hardware and software technologies such as Field Bus on Module that enables improved autonomous operation and stability.

The NY32W turret platform also includes the last generation of Cohu’s vision inspection, NVcore on Turret, which includes the new 3D Flex Vision system for 3-dimensional topographic inspection and microcrack detection on bare silicon surfaces.

This platform is well suited for RF devices, small power management ICs, solid state lighting (LEDs), and many other ICs in Wafer Level Packages (WLPs).

Thin & Fragile IC & LED handling benefits

  • Up to 30k UPH @ 30 ms idle time
  • High OEE with MTBA > 2h
  • Complete finishing solution
  • NVcore on Turret
    • - 6 sides vision applications
    • - 3D Flex for Ball/Bumps coplanarity inspection
  • Field Bus on Modules (FBoM) technology
  • Linear independent Z axis per module
  • Unique intelligent features (ABR, APC, AHC, FCF, MRA)

Innovative design for greater accuracy

Cohu RF SCrub Contactor

High Productivity, Scalable Pick-and-Place Handler

COHU ITS has released the new RF Scrub Contactor which is suitable for many analog RF applications and high speed digital interfaces.

The RF Scrub Contactor offers high bandwidth up to 33GHz and less than 0.29 nH Inductance. Due to its “single piece pin” design, the RF Scrub Contactor offers stable and low CRES performance with current carrying capacity up to 2 amperes.

The pin design provides a defined scrub effect on the DUT pad which assures a reliable electrical contact, especially through the oxide layer of matte tin plated pads.

Due to its innovative pin design the RF Scrub Contactor works without any lifetime-limiting elastomers. This eliminates frequent downtime and makes the pin replacement hassle free.

The RF Scrub Contactor can also be used in harsh thermal environments from -40°C up to +150°C and covers a wide range of devices from QFN, LGA, DFN to MEMS Devices with a pitch down to 0.40 mm.


We are honoring our past and focusing on the future with a new logo that visually reflects our common success which relies on the strength and synergies of our three handler business units Delta Design, Rasco and Ismeca.

At Cohu, we create leading-edge solutions for semiconductor test and inspection.

2015 Shows & Conferences

San Francisco (July)

Cohu Test and Integration Solutions,
Bangkok (July)

The 16th Korea Test Conference,
Seoul (August)

Integrated Test Solutions

Eclipse QuoteThe advancement of microprocessor chips generate more heat output than ever before. Cohu has a solution for thermal control to optimize test yield.

Eclipse, the Pick-and-Place handler, is designed to satisfy high-mix production requirements, enabling customers to leverage their existing device kit infrastructure, while utilizing Cohu’s high performance thermal technology.

Eclipse’s flexible design allows for testing a wide range of semiconductors in singulated form, from analog integrated circuits (ICs) with short test times that require extremely high handler throughput to large multi-site applications of digital ICs. This platform incorporates Cohu’s T-Core active thermal controller and an on-board liquid cooling system to provide precise, multi-site temperature management of power dissipative ICs.

Integrated Test SolutionsEclipse helps maintain high equipment utilization rates - when demand is low for testing newer, more complex applications, standard testing can be performed.

Last year Cohu won a major mobile customer with our T-Core thermal subsystems and now we have secured the first Eclipse volume order for testing devices from a second globally recognized leader in the industry.