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March 2015 Newsletter

Small Electronic Devices – NY20

In a world searching for sleeker and thinner consumer products, device sizes have taken a crucial importance to achieve designers dreams, thus, challenging the semiconductor manufacturing process.

Cohu reached a crucial milestone by qualifying the 1st NY20 platforms for 0.6 x 0.3 mm devices, which provides our customers a machine with not only sub-mm and fragile device handling capabilities, but ease of use and maintenance due to our innovative product features: Auto Breakdown Recovery, Auto Pickup Head Calibration, Auto Height Correction, Machine Remote Access, and Force Control Feedback.

The NY20 is able to reach 45,000 UPH with full electrical test and NVcore vision capablities, with high stability (2+ hours mean time between assistance) thanks in part to the new Advanced "Flexi" Tape & Reel (AFTR) module.

High Productivity, Scalable Pick-and-Place Handler

High Productivity, Scalable Pick-and-Place Handler

Cohu introduces Eclipse, a high speed Pick-and-Place handler designed to test up to 16 Integrated Circuits (ICs) in parallel, at temperatures up to +130°C, and with throughput up to 13,000 UPH.

Eclipse delivers scalable performance for testing a wide range of semiconductors in singulated form, from analog ICs with short test times that require extremely high handler throughput to large multi-site test applications of digital ICs. The new handler accommodates package sizes from 3 mm x 3 mm up to 55 mm x 55 mm in various forms including CSP, BGA, QFP, QFN and others. Eclipse is also designed for reusing both existing OSAT kits and existing OSAT docking interface hardware.

The integration of T-Core into Eclipse enables customers to acquire a scalable solution for testing both standard ICs and thermal dissipative processors in an all-in-one cost-effective handler platform.

Eclipse Handler Features —

T-Core thermal controller and an on-board liquid cooling system provide precise, multi-site temperature management of power dissipative ICs, optimizing test yield of next generation mobile processors.


ALLEGRO - Supplier Award



The initial Eclipse configuration is for testing devices that power next generation smartphones and tablets.

Integrated Test Solutions

Cohu is introducing its fourth business unit: Cohu ITS. The new group is focusing on Contactors and interface hardware for our customers.

Cohu ITS offers one stop-shop solutions for the complete handler interface including thermal management and innovative contactor technologies suitable for Pick -and-Place, Test-in-Strip, Gravity and Turret Handlers. Cohu ITS will continue to develop innovative products to address challenges in final test.

You can visit us at the BiTS (Burn-in & Test Strategies) Workshop from March 15 - 18 in Mesa, Arizona.

Markus Wagner, Cohu ITS Product Manager, will hold a presentation on Monday, March 16, 2015 on "Contacting Solutions for High Power Bare Die Testing (IGBT MOSFET and Diodes)."

Cohu ITS will have a showcase on display at the BiTS Expo, Booth A3, and welcomes you to stop by to learn about our latest products: Pogo Pin Contactors, ESX Cantilever Contactors and a new small Device Contactor for Turret Handlers.