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April 2016 Newsletter

New Small Device Kelvin Contactor Introduced

Kelvin ContactorA new SMALL DEVICE Kelvin Contactor solution addresses a wide range of mobility and IoT (Internet of Things) device test applications. This new contactor reliably tests very small device form factors (QFN, DFN and leaded SOT) down to 0.30 x 0.60 mm providing independent sense and force Kelvin pins, while carrying a continuous current of up to 4 Ampere. Pad sizes can be as small as 0.15 x 0.15 mm on 0.30 mm pitch. Additionally, a 3Tip configuration provides one sense pin and two force pins for higher current and better compensation of device body tolerances.

The short pin length provides a low inductance of 5 nH up to 2 GHz frequency with -1 dB insertion loss.

An innovative Plunge to Board design allows replacement of the PCB without removing the Test Contactor from the handler. In combination with the monolithic pin design, this contactor significantly reduces setup time.

The SMALL DEVICE Contactor is also available with the new DENMARK pin material which has demonstrated outstanding performance and long lifetime, especially when contacting on NiPdAu plated pads.

First Saturn Belly Bar Plunger

The new Belly Bar Plunger is now available as a standard solution for SO device sizes 49 to 240 mil. Lead supports are available in a variety of shapes (flat, straight and gullwing) in Torlon or Ceramic material.

Saturn now features both the Belly Bar Plunger and a real plunge to board solution with the Vacuum Plunger for QFN devices.

First Saturn Belly Bar Plunger


Cohu Malaysia

Cohu Malaysia

Cohu Malaysia (Cohu MY) was established in Melaka twenty years ago in 1996. Over twenty years of rapid development, the site grew from fewer than 10 employees in 1996 to 320 employees today. Due to the rapid expansion of the operation after the acquisition from Cohu we operated from two different facilities. At the end of last year we consolidated both into a new 84,000 square foot factory capable of supporting our three handler business units under one roof. This move increases Cohu’s manufacturing capabilities to 500 handlers per year and provides additional space for the growth of applications engineering, sales and service teams, enabling us to better serve customers.

Cohu ITS Philippines

Cohu ITS Philippines

Cohu ITS officially opened its Philippines development and manufacturing center for test contactors. The new factory features high speed drilling machines, laser/water jet and wire EDM capability leveraging 11 years of experience developing and manufacturing change kits for our pick-and-place handlers

LED Testing

Has Never Been So Stable & AccurateIntegrated Test Solutions

The NY32W LED handler with its full flux, ambient/hot (85°C) and vacuum contacting technology provides precise handling and low cost of test for LED devices down to 0.50 x 0.50 mm and 300 μm thick. The new solution is designed for stable and accurate testing of small Chip Scale Package (CSP) and Five Side Emitting LEDs.

The NY32W turret platform also features the latest generation of Cohu’s vision inspection, NVcore on Turret, which includes the new 3D Flex Vision system for three dimensional topographic inspection and micro crack detection on bare silicon surfaces.

NY32W LED benefits

  • Up to 30K uph @ 30 ms idle time
  • High OEE with MTBA > 2 hrs
  • Full Flux testing for QFN, Dome, 5 Side Emitter LEDs
  • Ambient/Hot (85°C) capable
  • NVcore on Turret
    • 6 sides vision applications
    • 3D Flex for Ball/Bumps coplanarity inspection
  • Field Bus on Module (FBoM) technology
  • Linear independent Z axis per module
  • Unique intelligent features (ABR, APC, AHC, FCF, MRA)

Accurate LED NY32W