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We at Cohu are committed to helping you. Our mission is to provide your engineers and technicians with the necessary training to get you up and running with your investments. Allow us to guide you through tool instruction with operating, maintaining and troubleshooting inclusive courses. At the end of your training, you will be able to use and maintain our solutions with confidence.

Benefits of Cohu Training

  • Get up to speed with our industry recognized and award-winning hands-on equipment training programs delivered by worldwide product specialists
  • Focused, small, close-knit, collaborative classes consisting of no more than 6 students
  • Real time product workflow simulations to emulate situations you’ll encounter at your site
  • Theory and practice covered in the form of written course materials and hands-on learning to gain well rounded skill competencies

Training Opportunities (Levels 1 and 2)

We offer three basic levels of customer training from the perspectives of an operator, maintenance technician, and advanced technician:

NOTE: Customized classes can be coordinated to suit your training needs.

Level 1: For Operators





Your site

1 day (8 hours)

This one-day course is delivered for of an Operator. We focus on basic operational procedures: loading/unloading parts, troubleshooting, and general equipment safety.

English language and reading skills

Level 2: For Service Technicians





Cohu Training Facility

On-site customer classes available. Please contact for more information.

1 week (40 hours)
2 week (80 hours)*
Note: Course lengths vary by product.

This is a maintenance focused course intended to get you familiar with your product, delivered for a maintenance technician, We zone in on the operational requirements for your solution: setup and alignment, device workflows, mechanical/electrical diagnosis.

  • English language and reading skills
  • Level 1 training and a minimum of 30 days experience with semiconductor handling equipment



Cohu provides training at one of our training facilities or at the convenience of your site. A minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 6* students are allowed per class.

Note: Scheduled classes which have insufficient enrollment are subject to cancellation 2 weeks before its scheduled date. *Some classes have a 4 student max which is product dependent.


To schedule a class or for more information please send us an email at

For Rasco, Ismeca, Kita or Xcerra specific training please contact your local sales representative.

Locations Worldwide